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Production Stills

Fidler Afn Dakh

Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish

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Dance Reel


I Got Life​​​ from HAIR as Claude!

Featuring the magnificent tribe with the Livingston Theater Company!

 Recital at Mason Gross School of the Arts:


Jovelle Tomayo

Michael T. Middleton

Alyssa Lopez

Michael E. Lee

Home Page by Peter Nilsen



"Nick Raynor’s Leading Player is the devil at his smoothest and smarmiest. He slinks and slides around Pippin like a sharply dressed snake. And his smile is worthy of a toothpaste commercial. A standout dancer, he owns every scene, especially when he pops out of nowhere. The cracks in his showmanship are some of the best moments in the show."



"Raynor is seductive in the role. He’s a true triple threat with his commanding acting, strong singing voice and high-spirited, skilled dancing. He leaves you no doubt that the player is manipulating everything and leading Pippin right where he wants him to go."



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